I LOVE capturing moments through photography!  I began taking photos on my volunteer trips to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. People commented  on how good those photos looked when I brought them home.  I didn't understand. How could this be with such  devestation in these  images?  I realized  that I had touched an emotion in those people with  my pictures.  I began taking more and more pictures of people, place  and nature.  After  several years, I  decided to go to college and learn more about photography.   What a wonderful time.   College was the best gift I ever gave myself.  I learned so much about photography  and found that candid, natural light photography stirred something within me as well as others.  Today, my passion is my  photography.  Each  week my

camera  and I head  out to  new and  sometimes familiar  place  to capture  the 

beautiful and changing world around me. 

They say do what you love and love what you do...I do!


Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life; you want every moment captured.  We specialize in candid, natural light photography creating timeless, artistic photographs you will cherish for a lifetime. 

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